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This site is dedicated to proving that God created the Earth. Have you ever wondered why Italy is shaped like a boot? Why Africa has a horn? Is Michigan really shaped like a mitten, or something more important? These are just a few of the many mysteries we'll try to uncover as we search our heavenly Father's creation and His written word. If you believe God made the heavens, and put symbols in the stars, then it's a simple thing to believe He would do the same on the Earth. I hope you'll enjoy them. Scroll down for a list of countries and regions.

Feb 2012 - Added study on the Moon. March - Small update to United Kingdom & Ireland.
May - 2 new pics added to Korea. June - God's Geography Blog. North America (Parts 1&2) completed. Added Belgium & Holland. July - Added the Red Sea. Oct. - Added an image at the end of Central America. Dec. - added The Maritimes

Africa Antarctica Australia and
New Zealand

The Americas
North America Central America Cuba South America Falkland Islands Great Lakes Canadian Maritimes
North America Mt.St. Helens Long Island,
New York
Queen Elizabeth
Islands, Canada
Central America Cuba South America Falkland Islands The Great Lakes The Maritimes

Black Sea Greenland Iceland
Black Sea Corsica and Sardinia Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden Greece Greenland Iceland
Italy Lesbos, Greece Malta United Kingdom
and Ireland
Europe Belgium/

Caspian Sea China India Indonesia I Indonesia II Japan
Korea The Middle and Far East Mongolia The Philippines and Taiwan Russia Turkey Red Sea

Sand Pyramid and Sphinx The Heavens The Moon Blog
Sand Pyramid Cloud Pyramid in
the Night Sky
The Heavens The Moon Blog

Note: I'm not trying to dis' anyone's nation or nationality. One might live in an area shaped like a snake, or maybe something cuter. That doesn't make them good or evil, and may have nothing to do with the people living there. Remember, these are symbols. Thanks for stopping by, eh. Merci beaucoup.

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